Celebrating 30 years


How’s that??? Aaahhhhh!

Cricket, the word itself conjures up memories and flashbacks of a timeless history of gamesmanship and tremendous battles engaged in on the fields of countries throughout the world, notably between arch rivals England and Australia.

Steeped in tradition and mystery, for the uninitiated the game remains as popular as ever.

Cricket offers the opportunity for both men and women players at all levels of skill to participate.

Australia is currently the stand-out top team in the world and in this country the game’s popularity in all its various forms has never been higher.

The Sports Coast hosts an array of cricket venues and clubs so that anyone interested can easily be involved. (South Eastern Junior Cricket Assoc. and Moore Park and South Eastern Cricket Assoc. Contact John Waden 02 9221-2888 or Laurie Heil 0419 992 660)

From humble beginnings, be it at backyard level with family and neighbours or social beach cricket, the game has diversified to Indoor cricket (smaller venue and less players) and the popular crowd pulling day-night game. The ultimate spectacle and challenge is that of Test Cricket, a contest between national teams that is played over five days with the always-present possibility of a drawn result. The subtleties of the game are endless and at times can confound all but the most dedicated aficionados.

To find out more about the history and the intricacies of the game any Australian library offers a plethora of great books on the subject.

Over the years there have been many “greats” produced from this fabulous game.

Sir Donald Bradman, The Don, being the most famous and greatest performing player of all time, a truly remarkable man. Among others of note there are, Allan McGilvray, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Ponsford, The Chappel Bros, Richie Benaud, Dennis Lillee, Jeff Thompson, Shane Warne, Allan Border, Steve Waugh -all fabulous players and heroes of their time.

As summer approaches in Australia the thoughts of many grown men and women and small boys and girls turn to Cricket. Bring it on!

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