Celebrating 30 years


Game, Set, & Match!!!! Something for everyone!

Tennis is alive and well all along The Sports Coast. District headquarters of the Eastern Suburbs Tennis Association are situated in Bream Street Coogee just two blocks back from the beach and there are tennis complexes spread across several suburbs of The Sports Coast. At most of these venues coaching at all standards of the game is available.

From “hit and giggle” to the supreme skill of the world professionals, tennis is a wonderful active pastime for all ages, male and female. Children can begin their learning from about the age of 5 years. With singles and doubles and team competitions available there are many forms of the game. It is a great spectator sport also, as the cream of players from all around the globe vies for the honour and prestige of top player in the world at Grand Slam level.

Australia has a truly enviable honours list of past champions; one of the legends Harry Hopman as coach and mentor played a very significant role and is recognized as the reason for Australia ’s one time seeming “production line” of champions players.

The Sports Coast offers plenty of top facilities for coaching and playing whether it is social or part of a teams competition. In addition to the Coogee Beach complex there is Snape Park Maroubra, Matraville Sports Centre (02) 9661 0869) and Moore Park Tennis Association to name a few.

To approach one of these clubs is to be welcomed and easily accommodated at your respective skill level.

For a healthy and fun loving activity for all ages, tennis is hard to surpass as a fabulous recreational pastime offering friendship, sportsmanship and an outlet for your competitive spirit.

Another great outdoor and indoor activity hosted by The Sports Coast!!

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