Celebrating 30 years


Stroll through the beachside suburb of Coogee and take in the vibrant atmosphere of the cafe scene and restaurants, learn to surf or catch the Bondi & Bay Explorer bus and discover the history and rich cultural tapestry of the eastern suburbs. Coogee has a long family beach history. In the late 1920’s it was the site of an amusement pier with a huge netted shark proof bathing area.Coogee now rivals Bondi and Manly beaches as the place to go and be seen.

Just 25 minutes from Sydney City and the airport, Coogee Beach is the most popular beach on The Sports Coast. Situated off Arden Street, the beach sits between sandstone headlands and is a central part of the coastal walk. The fine white sand, crystal clear waters and the seaside atmosphere make it a favoured destination for locals and both domestic and international travellers.

Protected from heavier surf by Wedding Cake Island, this gentle beach is the ideal place to spend lazy days relaxing in the sun, body boarding and swimming in the ocean. Children will love playing in the sand, building sand castles and hunting for shells and rocks left by the tides from an ever-changing ocean. It’s a great place to play beach cricket, touch football, soccer or join in a game of beach volley ball.

Coogee Beach is patrolled throughout the year by trained surf lifesavers and beach inspectors who are on hand to ensure a safe environment for people of all ages to enjoy the sun, sand and surf. Coogee Surf Lifesaving Club is located at the southern end of the beach, To ensure safe swimming it is recommended to swim between the red and yellow flags at all times.

Those who don’t want to venture on to the beach can certainly enjoy a walk, jog or rollerblade along the beachfront promenade. Take the time to stop and admire the scenic Pacific Ocean views across Coogee Bay to Wedding Cake Island and beyond. In big swells body boarders and surfers enjoy the waves that are produced by a small reef.

The large grassy reserve along the foreshore offers BBQ and picnic facilities. Public toilets and beach showers are easily accessible making it an ideal place for family and friends to gather and spend the day enjoying the beach and the views.

A short walk north from the beach to Dunningham Reserve will lead you to the site of what once was Giles Baths. From here, follow the sandstone steps down to the rock pool below for a swim. On calm days you can snorkel around the pool and share the experience with the variety of marine life that inhabits the pool.


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