Celebrating 30 years

Maroubra Junction

Bustling with development and re-development projects Maroubra Junction is emerging as a prime regional centre in the south-eastern suburbs. This is perhaps the third wave of development since the sandy heathland was “discovered” by property speculators and developers from about 1910. The advent in the 1920s of the tram line through the Junction at Maroubra to La Perouse with a branch line to the beach gave a great boost to the residential desirability of the area.

The name Maroubra is said to originate from an aboriginal word meaning “Like thunder” that is attributed to the sound of the surf crashing onto the beach and rocks.

Today a population of around 30,000 calls Maroubra Junction home. These lucky souls are well served by a wide range of retail stores and services of all kinds. The recently opened Pacific Square is home to many supermarkers, restaurants and retail stores. Health and fitness needs and banking services are particularly well catered for. There are also many independent “family style” retailers where the service is friendly and personalised. Buses to and from all quarters run through the Junction and on to the beach or to La Perouse. When a major event is being staged at Olympic Park buses travel direct from the Junction to the venues at Homebush.

Maroubra Junction has the great advantage of having the University of NSW, and major hospitals nearby. As well as serving community needs these institutions provide employment opportunities to people in the surrounding residential areas. The proximity of Sydney Airport is a great advantage to frequent travellers and Sydney City is but a short bus ride away. Just a few kilometres toward the city you can visit, Sydney Stadium, Sydney Cricket Ground and the Entertainment Quarter.

Randwick City Council has its major library services located at Maroubra Junction where a wide range of activities catering to all ages is on offer. A unique feature of Maroubra’s educational facilities is Lycee Condorcet, The French School of Sydney that caters to students from elementary grade through to high school. A little further south beyond the shopping centre on Anzac Parade, St Spyridon College Secondary Campus, a Jewish High School, can be found.

Just a block or two away from the commercial heart of the Junction there are several parks offering the chance for all kinds of relaxation and sporting activity. To the north there is Snape Park with a comprehensive tennis complex. To the south one finds the expansive Heffron Park incorporating the Des Renford Aquatic Centre and moving toward the beach there is Coral Sea Park , a memorial to those who served their country in war. In particular the park honours those who served at the Battle of the Coral Sea in World War II when an invading fleet was repulsed just off Australia ’s northern coastline.

People who live at Maroubra Junction wonder why anybody would choose to live anywhere else and visitors to the area quickly come to understand that sentiment. The Sports Coast is the place to be. Why be anywhere else?

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