Celebrating 30 years

Wedding Cake Island

Looking out to sea, a kilometre from Coogee Beach, one views Wedding Cake Island. Seen at its best as the sun rises over the bay, the 150 metre long rocky outcrop is totally covered in white water as the surf breaks all around it, giving it the appearance of an iced wedding cake. The rock platform is an extension of the southern headland, and in a rising southerly sea the island provides protection for Coogee Beach.

A diverse dive site, best enjoyed on the drift, the water has a depth of 20 metres and is a haven for a variety of marine life. Take a swim with fish such as leather jacket, bream, blue groper and admire the collection of sponges, ascidians, soft and hard corals around the island. The sandy bottom has rounded boulders that have been rolled around for centuries, creating a seascape that resembles a lunar plain.

Coogee’s dive shop, Pro Dive Coogee (02) 9665 6333 is located on Alfreda St, opposite Coogee Oval, and can help with all diving needs.

The southern point of the Coogee Beach reserve is known as Dolphin Point. For a memorable experience one can pause at the award winning and contemplative memorial to the victims of the Bali bombing.

A popular spot, the blue open waters of Coogee Bay are a great place for sea kayaking. On most days the sparkling crystal waters are the perfect place to set out to sea and explore what The Sports Coast, at Coogee has to offer. Hardy swimmers will find the swim to Wedding Cake Island a serious challenge, even though it can be a flat swim on a calm day. On a big swell body boarders and surfers can enjoy the waves produced by the small reef at the southern end of the beach, or the perimeter of the island itself can be ridden in medium to bigger swells.

The local surfing community uses the island to honour ANZAC Day on an annual pilgrimage. On that day from dawn until dusk surfers can be seen paddling to and from the small, uneven rocky platform island, commemorating the day that honours Australian and New Zealand soldiers who gave their life in war.

Aussie rock band Midnight Oil composed a beautiful song about the white washed island. A haunting instrumental, the piece pays homage to the great dive sites of the area, and is still to be heard on Australian radio.

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