Celebrating 30 years

Gordons Bay

GBGordons Bay is a secluded oasis, hidden north of Coogee Beach and south of Clovelly Beach. It can only be accessed via the Coastal Walkway and parking is available at either Coogee or Clovelly Beach.

Stroll down the path into the deep gully where raised boardwalks protect the native fauna and a small wetland area that is fed by a natural spring. Stop at the beach for a paddle and enjoy the charm of this coastal location. The pocket-sized beach is lined with racks of boats from the local fishing club, reminiscent of a European fishing village.

Secluded and quiet, the bay is abundant in native flora. The dense vegetation provides a haven for many small birds and lizards.

The boardwalk and stone steps up to the north side of the bay, lead to the sandstone headland and the rocky outcrop, where on a sunny day you will find people basking in the sun, swimming, snorkelling and diving in the tranquil waters. The rock platform stretches back towards the beach and juts out to meet the crystal blue waters. Relax and be cooled by the sea breezes, as the water gently laps the rock platform. Take a swim in the calm waters and explore what lies below.

The Gordons Bay Underwater Nature Trail is a self-guided scuba diving or snorkelling adventure. The trail can be compared to a bush walking track in the wilderness, only it’s underwater. It usually takes about forty minutes to dive the 600 metre trail, or on a clear day it’s possible to snorkel the underwater trail from the surface. Concrete filled drums about 20 meters apart linked by a chain form the trail with information displayed on steel plaques.

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