Celebrating 30 years

Dunningham Reserve

dunningham-reserve-768x250Dunningham Reserve

Stretching across the cliff tops from Gordons Bay to the northern headland of Coogee Beach, lays Dunningham Reserve. Take a leisurely stroll through the high reserve on the coastal walk pathway, or wander over the sandstone cliff top and stop to admire the grand ocean views.

Dunningham Reserve offers panoramic coastal views from Clovelly across to Mistral Point in the south. It’s the perfect place to watch the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean , moving on to light up Wedding Cake Island and Coogee Beach which by then is coming to life with the early morning lifestyle enthusiasts.

An ideal place for family and friends to gather and enjoy the fresh sea air, Dunningham Reserve has expansive grassed areas, picnic tables and toilet facilities. Native trees provide shady relief on hot sunny days. Whether leisurely working out, or just lazing in the sun, the magnificent views provide inspiration to all. Often film makers, photographers, and artists can be seen capturing the beauty of the coastal area in their work.

A popular spot for running and walking, the large grassy areas make it an ideal place for kite flying also. Built in 1928 the Giles Baths and gym was a popular health centre. The entrance to the building left as a memorial landmark, is all that remains.

Take a walk down the sandstone steps to enjoy a swim in the rock pool below. Snorkel around to discover the marine life in the area. On calm days it is possible snorkel outside of the pool and explore the rocky foreshore. Schools of bait fish, squid/cuttlefish, octopuses, sand rays and various other fish, can be seen. Visibility in the rock pool is best when the water is calm.

Stop to admire the formations of the coastal rocks that have been sculptured and weathered by the elements over eons of time. Relax and watch as the waves pound the fallen rocks and cliff face.

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