Celebrating 30 years

Jack Vanny Memorial Park and Mistral Point

Stretching along the coast from Maroubra Beach to Mistral Point, the Jack Vanny Memorial Park is located to the north of the Beach on Marine Parade.

The coastal walk meanders through the scenic park with its interesting rock formations and panoramic views of the coastline.

View the grand Pacific Ocean to the horizon beyond Mistral Point from the lookout site. Keep an eye out for the many ships and sailing boats that pass by. During the months of June and July, Humpback and Southern Right Whales can be seen close to shore, almost on a daily basis, as they make their way northward on their annual migration journey. The return journey commences in the months of September and October. Late morning and early afternoon are the best times to sight whales.

Walk across the wondrously shaped rock formations created by wind and rain over the passage of time. Sit back and enjoy the view, relaxing and soaking up the sunshine and the fresh sea air as you look out to sea and ponder the mysteries of the planet.

Located at the base of the reserve, via the steps near the public toilet facilities, is Mahon Pool. Take a swim in the ocean rock pool that is washed twice daily by the tides and discover how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy the beauty of The Sports Coast while being only a short bus ride from an international class city centre.

One thought on “Jack Vanny Memorial Park and Mistral Point

  1. In What Year Did The Rock Shelf CAVE collapse at the Mahon Pool, Maroubra???

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