Celebrating 30 years

Malabar Headland

Rifle shooting as a sport is both challenging and stimulating.

Located at Malabar on The Sports Coast, the Anzac Rifle Range has a long history with its early beginnings at Paddington (1860) as home of the NSW Rifle Association.

In the years following the range moved several times. The main reason for this was encroaching residential development as the city’s population spread. The range had its base variously at Centennial Park, Randwick, Maroubra (1891) and eventually at Long Bay, Malabar.

Originally the range was used for training of the Defence Corps and the various volunteer groups of the time. The general public was alsoencouraged to practice rifle proficiency. For a period in the early 1920s the NSW Rifle Association moved to Liverpool Rifle Range leaving Anzac Rifle Range for use as military barracks.

It is worthy of note that the sea coast at the site of the range has claimed a number of ships that foundered on the rocky shoreline. One of the wrecked ships was called the Malabar and subsequently the village of Brand nearby came to be called Malabar. For many years the rusting hulk of the wreck sat on the rock shelf and was a tourist attraction and dive site.

Over many years military personnel have trained at Malabar in preparation for their respective roles in the two world wars of the 20th Century and the Korean War to which Australia sent combatants. Now the rifle range caters to the many school cadet groups and rifle associations.

Visitors must arrange a permit in advance before being able to make use of the range (see NSW Rifle Association.) Those interested can read the historic detail in a comprehensive book by local Nathan Scudder titled, A History of the Anzac Rifle Range.

The Range is yet another venue that evidences the diverse sporting pursuits to be enjoyed by enthusiasts and casual visitors alike on The Sports Coast.

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