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Coastal Walk Feedback

clovelly (1)

At the recent Ecoliving Fair RCT sought feedback on the Coastal Walk.   Visitors to the RCT Stall were asked to nominate favorite features and what they would like to see.  Support was greatest for completing the walk along the coast (the cliff tops not back streets), comprehensive signage and interpretation and a whalewatching platform.

Molineux-Point-ImageBreakdown by age group:

18-29 = 4;  30-49 = 20;  50+ = 33

Comments on what they would like to see:

Continuous Walk hugging coast: 16

Comprehensive Guide/Interpretive Signage/Wayfinding: 13

Whalewatching Platform: 12

More native habitat (less weed, labeling of native plants): 8

Water bubblers/refills: 6

Birdviewing Areas: 4

Artwork: 4

Toilets/baby change area: 3

Fewer joggers: 3

Fewer dogs: 2

Seats: 2

Bins(plus dog poo bags): 2

Outdoor Gym/Exercise Stations: 2

Dog swimming area: 2

Dog watering areas: 1

Dogs off leash: 1

Bigger/wider to accommodate more people:  1

(Pictured above beginning of Randwick City Coastal Walk at Clovelly and finish at Molineux Point, Port Botany)