Celebrating 30 years

Grant & Trenerry Reserves

Located at the southern end of Coogee Beach, Grant Reserve is an expansive parkland bordered by native flora that attracts a wide variety of native birds and wild life. Stretching along the coastline, the reserve is the start of the southern section of thecoastal walk heading towards Maroubra Beach and has several interpretive signs providing historical information and an insight into the surrounding coastline and flora and fauna.

Easily accessible, the reserve backs onto Beach and Neptune Streets, where parking is available. Meet with family and friends in the peaceful surroundings of the park for a picnic or simply a romp around. The reserve has several BBQ facilities and tables sheltered areas and public toilets.

Children love to play in the adventure playground, while parents can sit back and relax on the large grassy reserve. Get together with some friends and play a game of football, soccer, cricket or frisbee on the wide open field. Stay fit by taking a walk or jogging through the tree lined pathways. There’s much to do in this lovely location.

Grant Reserve is also the entry point to Wylies and Mc Ivers Baths. Bring your bathers and enjoy a refreshing swim with magnificent views, in the ocean pools that sit on the cliff face and surrounding rock platform. McIvers Baths is restricted to ladies only. Women can safely enjoy swimming and relaxing in the sun by the ocean pool, in total privacy.

The southern end of Grant Reserve leads on to Trenerry Reserve. Enjoy views to the horizon as you stroll along The Coastal Walk that meanders around the reserve. Stop at the lookout point and admire the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Ocean as it rolls into Coogee Bay and crashes onto white-washed rocky outcrops.

Located on Wolseley Road , the reserve is a popular spot for dog lovers and owners. Bring your dog along to the reserve to play freely, in this designated area where dogs are allowed off the lead. Be sure to clean up after your “best friend”, to ensure the cleanliness of the park is maintained for all.

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